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perfSONAR in Perl - Ready for Download
NEW CODE RELEASE: Internet2 announces the first major release of the perfSONAR-PS software package, a software suite developed entirely in the Perl programming language and using the CPAN distribution system. Information on installation is available HERE.

To ensure that you see future release announcements, please join the perfsonar-announce email list:

Performance, Measurement, and Hybrid Networking at Winter Joint Techs 08
At the Winter Joint Techs Workshop in Honolulu, Internet2 sponsored talks on performance, measurement, and hybrid networking; for more information, click here >>

Network Performance Data Gathered at FMM07
At the recent Fall Member Meeting in San Diego, perfSONAR data was collected on the dynamic circuit demonstration (Tuesday General Session); for more information, click here >>

perfSONAR Overview Documents
Internet2 announces the availability of a perfSONAR infosheet that describes how the framework was used at the 2007 Fall Member Meeting. An infosheet on how perfSONAR will be used at SC07 is also available.

Cyberinfrastructure at Fall Member Meeting
Internet2 sponsored 22 sessions at the 2007 Fall Member Meeting related to cyberinfrastructure (measurement, performance, architecture, and interoperability). Abstracts and links to presentations for these sessions are available here >>

OWAMP 3.0c Released
This version of the draft implementation code, which adheres to IETF RFC 4656, includes many changes to the man pages. The new (-N) option to the three client applications (owping, owstats, and owfetch) allows users to sub-set a data file to produce statistics over smaller sample sizes than a complete owp file.

This version also addresses a minor bug in the powstream application (output summary files were not being flushed to disk until just after the file name was printed to stdout). The order has been changed, so any application that might be reading those filenames can now rely on the fact that the summary files are complete at the time the filename is seen. The new release of the code can be found at:

Network Performance Workshop in Honolulu
Internet2 offered a 1.5 -day hands-on workshop focusing on performance testing and continuous measurement before the recent Joint Techs Workshop in Honolulu . Participants received training on how to use the open source measurement tools used by Internet2 and ESnet to solve particular problems, including locating duplex mismatch, congested links, and faulty equipment, among others.

Points of Interest
At the recent ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs meeting, Internet2 kicked off a web portal initiative that will allow members to visualize how they are using Internet2 services. Community feedback is requested to assist Internet2 staff in creating the range of capabilities that best meet member needs. Visit the Joint Techs Portal Talk to view the archived netcast and download the presentation. Please communicate your ideas and priorities for portal requirements to Jeff Boote.

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Upcoming Events
Network Peformance Workshop for NOAA
February 5-6
Norman, OK
Spring Member Meeting
April 20-23
Arlington, VA
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