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E2Epi Network Performance Workshop: Vancouver, British Columbia

Agenda -- Participants-- Requirements -- Logistical Information -- Presentations -- Workshop Locations

16-17 July 2005
Summer Joint Techs Workshop
Vancouver, British Columbia

The increasing reliance on network connectivity in all aspects of campus activities is resulting in increased pressure on support staff to quickly resolve network problems. Through participation in performance measurement networks, gigapop engineers, campus engineers and end-users can now work together to resolve end-to-end performance problems. The measurement infrastructure is most effectively leveraged when all paths within the network and servers on the edge support on-demand testing beacons. This workshop brings together participants at the Summer 2005 Joint Techs Workshop, engineers and other technical staff from campuses around the world, to maximize these network effects.

Internet2's End-to-End Performance Initiative (E2Epi) is working to establish a performance measurement infrastructure across Internet2 campuses and labs, performing analysis of the end-to-end path, and establishing a normal operational mode where network operations, applications, and the end-user easily can determine network capabilities and restrictions.

After this workshop, you will have placed measurement beacons on your campus and learned to utilize related tests and tools, thus reducing the time required to identify, locate and resolve many of the most common network performance issues by readily isolating the problem.

NOTE: We will continue to publish documents, links, and other information so please check here for updates.

Meeting Information:   

  • Registration
    Online registration is available here.
  • Agenda
    This hands-on workshop is scheduled for July 16 (from 1 - 5 pm) and 17 (from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm). The meeting location will soon be announced. The agenda is
    available here. An OPTIONAL preparatory session will be held on Saturday, July 16 from 9:00 - Noon, openn to all participants, to ensure they have the required hardware pre-configured; if you are interested in this session, please inform Eric Boyd, Manager, Performance Architecture and Technologies, Internet2.
  • Participants
    A list of meeting attendees is available here.
  • Logistical Information
    Lodging, restaurant, parking, and driving directions are available here.
  • Presentations
    Links to presentations from the workshop will be available here.

  • Documentation
    A copy of the business case [Word] provided in the Workshop materials is available. See also the Library for links to each of the cookbooks.
Information on the tools presented at the workshop can be found at:
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