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perfSONAR Working Group
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perfSONAR Working Group

The Internet2 perfSONAR Working Group is an open community effort to create an interoperable measurement architecture framework.

Working Group Chairs:
Martin Swany <>
Jeff Boote <>


NEW CODE RELEASE: Visit the perfSONAR website for more information about the v1.0 release that occurred in July 2006.

DEMOS AT SC07: View the demo info sheet here.

Work in progress:

  • "PerfSONAR: A Service-Oriented Architecture for Multi-Domain Network Monitoring" -- accepted by ICSOC (International Conference on Service Oriented Computing) for the December 13-15, 2005 Conference; the paper will be available via the conference proceedings at
  • Initial white paper [PDF].
  • Boote, J. W., Boyd, E. L., Durand, J., Hanemann, A., Kudarimoti, L., Lapacz, R., Simar, N., Trocha, S., "Towards Multi–Domain Monitoring for the European Research Networks," In "Selected Papers from the TERENA Networking Conference," TERENA, ISBN 90-77559-04-3, 2005 (to appear); will also be published in PSNC's Computational Methods in Science and Technology series.
  • Hanemann, A., Boote, J. W., Boyd, E. L., Durand, J., Kudarimoti, L., Lapacz, R., Swany, D. M., Zurawski, J., Trocha, S., "PerfSONAR: A Service Oriented Architecture for Multi–Domain Network Monitoring", In "Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Service Oriented Computing, [ Springer Verlag, LNCS 3826], pp. 241–254, ACM Sigsoft and Sigweb, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December, 2005.

Mailing List
The mailing list perfsonar (hosted at the domain is publicly archived and open to subscriptions.

The following presentations featured the work of the this group:

A comprehensive list of the teleconferences, face-to-face meetings, and events at which representatives of the perfSONAR WG were involved is documented at:


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