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High-Performance Data Transfer for Dynamic Circuit Networks

Phoebus is an environment for high-performance optical networks that seamlessly creates various adaptation points in the network to maximize performance. By splitting the network path into distinct segments, Phoebus minimizes the impact of packet loss and latency by leveraging the best performance attributes of each network segment. Using an end-to-end session protocol, transport and signaling adaptation points can be controlled and better performance is possible. The Phoebus adaptation library also allows existing applications to take advantage of advanced networks with little or no modification. The Phoebus project aims to help bridge the performance gap by bringing revolutionary networks like Internet2's Dynamic Circuit Network (DCN) Infrastructure to users. Many applications can begin to use DCS with no modification by being transparently authenticated and redirected to the circuit network via a Phoebus service node.

Martin Swany, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware and Internet2 faculty fellow explained, "Due to the huge success and growth of the Internet, it has been difficult to deploy disruptive technologies broadly. Phoebus (developed by researchers at the University of Delaware) builds on standard Internet infrastructure at the edge of the network, while creating a bridge to advanced optical and packet networks like the new Internet2 network, enabling application communities like bioinformatics and satellite/telescope data to benefit from hybrid networking in the short term. In the longer term, Phoebus represents an architectural evolution of the Internet in which commercial network providers can offer a richer set of services to their users because they will no longer be constrained by the performance limitations of TCP."

[Link to SC07 Demos involving Phoebus]


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